Doom Blade 1.0 is the base Nanovor of the Doom tree and is a Wave 1 Nanovor.

If you're building a swarm of Velocitrons and you are looking for a Nanovor capable of dealing lots of damage, Doom Blade has what you are looking for!

Doom Blade 1.0 is capable of dealing 43 damage with its Blade Strike, which is hefty for most Velocitrons.

It's own destructive capability can sometimes prove too much for Doom Blade to handle; Berserk causes Doom Blade to hurt himself! Biting your tongue feels bad, but imagine if your tongue was a blade! Youch!

Doom Blade's high damage is basically its only strong point; it has no ARM, it's particularly fragile, and Plasma Lash 1.0 is a better Yellow Spike setter than Doom Blade 1.0, costing less SV and having more HP.

Possible evolutions include: