Doom Blade 3.0 is the evolution of Doom Blade 2.0 and is a Wave 1 Nanovor.

If you're building a swarm of Velocitrons and you are looking for a Nanovor capable of dealing lots of damage, Doom Blade has what you are looking for!

Doom Blade 3.0's new exotic green color is reflective of the qualities of some venomous frogs in nature; usually meaning "I'm dangerous, and I'll kill you if you approach me!" to would-be predators.

Doom Blade 3.0 is seriously dangerous; its Doomserk can be used every turn for consistent damage and even gains a boost when powered with a Yellow Spike!

Doom Blade 3.0 can go full kamikaze, too! It can deal a massive 96 damage to an opponent for a mere 3 EN, at the cost of 50 recoil damage to Doom Blade 3.0! With 130 HP, you should be able to use this move at least twice in a battle! Additionally, this is a good way to end Doom Blade 3.0 if he's about to go down for sure!

Possible evolutions include:

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