Electropod 1.0 is an Alpha Nanovor in Wave 1 that is the base of the Electro tree.

For a base Nanovor, it is very practical and useful; it deals respectable damage, allowing the buildup of EN with repetitive damage, and it can last reasonably long with 5 ARM, and it only costs 175 SV.

It can also help your entire swarm by providing 5 ARM, which can harden Electropod further and allow the further reservation of EN.

If Electropod 1.0's cheap tactics are annoying you, you can counter it with a Smackdown from Giga Wing 1.0, which can quickly make the foe regret building up EN. Conveniently, Nanovor with Obliterate can remove the ARM bonus this pest can provide to his buddies, such as Plasma Locust 2.0.

Possible evolutions include: