Gamma Fury 2.0 is the evolution of Gamma Fury 1.0 and is a Wave 1 Nanovor.

Gamma Fury 2.0 is a blend of the best element of Texas Rangers (not the team, the lawmen!) and King Arthur. This larger, tougher edition of Gamma Fury is a firm believer in justice, truth and the Nanovor way, and isn’t afraid to sacrifice in order to save others, in battle acting as a tornado of destruction. I wish that I had hundreds of Gamma Fury 2.0s to utilize, but as they say, a good man is hard to find. Any experienced Nanovor battler loves having Gamma Fury 2.0 as part of their swarm – and loathes meeting Gamma Fury 2.0 as an enemy on the battlefield.

Gamma Fury 2.0 is the response to the predecessor's criticism; it now specializes in cheap damage and, Two-Fist Hit when boosted with a Red Spike, the damage can get out of control, landing triple digits. Mentallica sabotages the foe's SPD, and Gamma Power is a one-up of its predecessor's STR override, Power Amp, with an additional 5 STR.

Gamma Fury 2.0 has it all when it comes to Gamma tactics; SPD management, STR management, and cheap damage.

This Nanovor is fully evolved and cannot evolve further.