Gigastriker 3.0 is the ultimate expression of zen-like calm in battle. Nothing gets to this guy, even when things look grim. Heck, it's probably even more effective when its back is up against the virtual firewall. Most Nanovor seem like they would rather claw out their own eyes than go up against a Gigastriker 3.0, mainly because it makes them look pathetic half the time. I've seen this guy take on huge swarms and walk away victorious because it never gets flustered and seems to have an innate (psychic?) understanding of the way a battle unfolds.


Using Gigastriker 3.0 employs the same strategy as using the earlier versions. Get it in early to use its abilities and then swap it out. Keep this up for as long as you have energy to spare. The best thing to use it for, though? Getting a metric BOATLOAD of extra energy to use to power those Cosmic Crush and Scorch attacks from your Magnamods. If you've set up a Blue Spike before using Psi-burst, you're in for a treat, because this ability will give you a ton of energy! It's like getting an extra shot in your latte! You almost always want to include a normal Gigastriker in your swarm if you're using Gigastriker 3.0 for precisely this reason.

Splat FileEdit

Compete for Speed! Gigastriker 3.0 is one of the fastest Nanovor out there, so you're going to need speed to catch up with it! Start off with an alpha Hexite like Spike Spine 1.0 and attack with Charge for a couple rounds to save up some energy. Then, swap in your Storm Spinner 2.0 and attack with Speed Demon. This attack will deal heavy damage and make Storm Spinner speed up!

Take Advantage of the Energy! Gigastriker 3.0 never seems to run out of energy. Shouldn't it be punished for always having so much energy to attack? Teach it a lesson and swap in your Giga Wing 1.0 to attack with Smackdown. This attack will do damage based on how much EN the opponent has, so make sure to use it when the opponent's EN is high!

Keep Your Energy High! Gigastriker likes to drain your energy, so make sure you'll never have to fizzle by swapping in your Spike Spine 2.0. Use the Pump it Up attack to give your swarm an extra EN per turn. Now you'll always have enough energy for those heavy damage attacks!


Dated entry: Doc, 34 days, 16 hours

Gigastriker 3.0s served as generals and leaders, primarily for other Gigastrikers, but also for other Hexites who looked up to them for their calm demeanors in the face of battle. Their ability to serve as "supply lines" of energy for their forces and reduce the strength of opposing Nanovor proved highly successful in keeping Hexite colonies intact. I admit that I admire the cool and composed manner in which they handle the most chaotic of situations.

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