Hypertusk 1.0 is the evolution of Hyper Ripper 1.0 and is a Wave 2 Nanovor.

Hypertusk seems to be a carefree Nanovor; it's moves seem gross and without manners, launching stinkbombs and burping and whatnot. It seems to be an effective battling strategy for Hypertusk.

Hypertusk seems similar to Electrobull; it just might be their shared love of jabbing the opponent with their tusks. Hypertusk, however, focuses on increasing the swarm's SPD as opposed to Electrobull's STR ability.

Below is a table comparing the stats of the two:

Electrobull 1.0 100 130 10 25 260
Hypertusk 1.0 125 125 10 25 265

With more EN however, Electrobull can dish out more damage, so its up to you who to choose.

Possible evolutions include:

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