Plasma Locust 2.0 is the evolution of Plasma Locust 1.0 and is a Wave 1 Nanovor.

Plasma Locust is an attempt by Plasma Lash to take a more offensive role in combat.

However with Plasma Locust 2.0, he loses the ability to reduce the target's STR and obtains an even more important power; clearing overrides. At 2 EN and with 50 SPD, it is almost certain that Plasma Locust 2.0's Obliterate will be able to lessen the impact of opponent Spikes and help out their swarm by removing pesky Dodge overrides before the opponent can utilize them.

Other than Obliterate, Plasma Locust serves to provide standard damage superior to Plasma Locust 1.0's for a mere 5 SV more.

Possible evolutions include:

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