Rumble Hound 2.0 is the evolution of Rumble Hound 1.0 and is a Wave 2 Nanovor.

Rumble Hound looks like one of those ancient Chinese dogs; who knows, maybe it could be your best friend!

Rumble Hound 2.0 faces tough competition from Tank Walker 2.0, although they have several key differences:

  • Tank Walker 2.0 takes more EN to deal more damage.
  • Rumble Hound 2.0 can deal roughly the same damage for 1 EN, but also ignore armor!

Below is a comparison of the two:

Tank Walker 2.0 120 120 10 15 240
Rumble Hound 2.0 120 115 10 15 275
Possible evolutions include:

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