There is no documented information on this Nanovor. If you do find any, please update this page, as it is entirely speculation.

Spike Hornet 3.0 is the evolution of Spike Hornet 2.0 and is a Wave 1 Nanovor.

Spike Hornet is the comedian Nanovor; all of it's moves are named after humor techniques, and even laughs when it defeats the opponent.

Spike Hornet 3.0 is an incredibly rare Nanovor; we can only speculate what it's moves and stats are.

If you didn't think laughing to death was real, Spike Hornet 3.0 is a specialist.

  • Pun-Ish means the target takes more damage if they have more EN in their reserves.
  • Side Splitter is a standard damage move which can deal heavy damage if boosted by a Blue Spike (which this Nanovor is capable of setting themselves!)
  • Wisecrack is a move for the lucky; 3 EN for potentially 100 damage.

This Nanovor is fully evolved and cannot evolve further.

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