Subject Minimum Maximum
Rarity Uncommon XXXXXXXXX
Speed 25 31
Strength 125 140
Armor 10 15
Health 140 161
Magnamod Wave 2 Thunder


Okay, I’ll admit it: sometimes, on Friday nights, I like to watch classic Disney movies. And while admitting that was tough enough, I’ll go one step further: I’m afraid of Jafar. Sure, hold it against me, but that sorcerer is terrifying. He’s got a talking bird minion, a serpent-faced staff, and oh yeah, what’s that? Eventually he is ALL-POWERFUL. Now, I love Thunderpoid 3.0, but it reminds me so much of Jafar that sometimes I have to look away while it’s battling. I mean, Thunderpoid 3.0 is totally drunk with power! It has all of its little jellyfish minions to do its bidding, too! And those red eyes… Well, I’m man enough to admit they haunt me at night. Oh Thunderpoid 3.0, my love for you can only be matched by the abject terror you inspire.


For such a highly evolved Nanovor, Thunderpoid 3.0 has an unusual characteristic of being extremely useful at the beginning of the game. Grab is a great attack to use to lock down a heft opponent, and Dodge should be used as soon as possible so that you’re likely to dodge the opponent for longer. Fireswarm is super handy and can be used at any time to ensure some damage, whether heavy or moderate. So, use Dodge as soon as possible, and attack with Grab and Fireswarm whenever need be. There’s really no bad time to whip out your Thunderpoid 3.0!

Splat FileEdit

Try the Attack Sandwich! Start off with Rumble Squid 1.0’s Rumbler for moderate damage, then swap in Rumble Hound 2.0 to attack with Howl for even more damage! Finish Thunderpoid 3.0 by attacking twice with Rumble Squid 1.0’s Rumbler.

Deal some Heavy Damage! Begin the battle with your Hyper Ripper 1.0 and play down a Red Spike. Then swap in your Hypertusk 2.0 and attack with Hyperbelch for some serious damage. To finish, attack twice with War Charger 1.0’s Battle Rush.

Strip off its Armor! Sure, Thunderpoid 3.0’s Armor isn’t THAT heavy, but it’s thick enough to make a difference, so take some away! Start off by playing a Red Spike with your Rumble Hound 1.0. Then, swap in your Rumble Squid 1.0 and attack with Rumbler for some moderate, armor-removing damage. Attack with your Warblaze 1.0’s Fireslash to get some heavy damage through.


Dated Entry: Doc, 90 days, 6 hours Clearly my previous observation of Thunderpoid’s tumble into madness was legitimate. Luckily, it appears that Thunderpoid 3.0 is the final evolution in this frightening family, so things can’t possibly get any worse. Thunderpoid 3.0 is now entirely dependent on its jellyfish allies to do its dirty work. I suppose this isn’t a bad thing, but it makes me wonder: has Thunderpoid 3.0 merely become a vehicle for its jellyfish minions to do their evil deeds? Which is the real Nanovor?




An attack that erases the target's override, and swap-blocks the opponent for 2 rounds.


Your Nanovor places a Dodge Override that gives your Nanovor a Good chance of Dodging an attack.

Fireswarm|2E|36/75 DAM

A fire damage attack that deals random damage.


Potential: N/A

Current: Thunderpoid 3.0

Previous: Thunderpoid 2.0

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