Turbo Master 1.0


Wave 2



235 SV

Speed: 40-47

Strength: 110-124

Armor: 0-5

Health: 115-127


Lucas thinks it’s weird that Turbo Master 1.0 is one of my favorite Nanovor, because it’s not the cutest little guy in the world. All right, so it’s not cuddly and adorable. So what? It’s like the fastest Nanovor on the planet, and it’s totally awesome in battle. It may look a little mean, but once you get to know it, Turbo Master is really kinda sweet. It just looks mean because it’s so pointy, but that’s just form fitting function. It has to be sleek and angular to move quickly. Man, I’m even a little jealous of Turbo Master. If I had the speed that it does, I’d be the envy of every soccer player in the country.


Turbo Master 1.0 is all about Speed. Feel free to stock your swarm with sluggish Magnamods, because Turbo Master 1.0 will be fast enough to take care of everything. Turbo Master 1.0 is a great Nanovor to bring in the battle in times of need. Swap it in when you’re against a speedy Hexite, and steal some speed with Speed Trade. Of course, if you’re up against a Nanovor with some pretty high Health, use Turbo Kick to chip away at that health meter. But if you’ve got some energy to spare, Fightspeed is the ideal attack for you. For a super combo, set Turbo Master 1.0 up with a Yellow Spike, so that the attack will not only do damage that ignores armor, but will also give Turbo Master insane speed. Your perfect go-to Nanovor, Turbo Master 1.0 will be an essential member of your swarm.

Splat FileEdit

Don’t let it Beat You! Turbo Master 1.0 just loves to speed itself up. To give it a surprise slowdown, start off with your Triton Manta 1.0 and attack with Trip to make Turbo Master lose a significant advantage.

Make yourself Stronger! Ever feel like your attacks just aren’t doing enough damage? Use an attack like War Charger 1.0’s Battle Rush to both do damage and give your War Charger some more Strength!

Siphon its Energy! If you find that the opponent has three or fewer EN, swap in your Triton Manta 1.0 and place a Blue Spike. Then, swap in your Spike Spine 3.0 and attack with Spine Sting. This attack will do massive damage, and the opponent will fizzle!


No matter what happens to Turbo Master 1.0, it always appears to increase its velocity. With each of its attacks, it only becomes quicker. This makes me wonder if it learns from battling. Since it can only increase Speed through attacks, it must constantly hunger for battle. Still, it doesn’t appear to be bloodthirsty or bellicose. This Nanovor’s personality and role in Nanovor society is a little unclear to me at present, since its demeanor and battle techniques clash. Hopefully with further evolution, I’ll be able to pinpoint a specific purpose for this torpedo-like Nanovor.


Turbo Kick|3E|44 DAM

A damage attack

Speed Trade|2E|

An attack that causes the target Nanovor to lose 20 Speed, and your current Nanovor gains 20 Speed

Fightspeed|3E|39 DAM

A damage attack that ignores Armor; with a Yellow Spike this Nanovor places a +40 Speed Override


Potential: None

Current: Turbo Master 1.0

Previous: Turbo Cannon 1.0

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